Child Book Club

Child Book Club

Child Book Club

In its desire to strengthen the relationship between the child and the book and to bring them closer together, and aware that one of the most important ways in which this relationship is strengthened is for the appropriate book to be placed in the child’s hands, the King Abdul-Aziz Public Library has adopted the idea of founding a Children’s Book Club, and it has put all available resources into preparing the club in the best way to achieve its goals.
The club offers children the opportunity to participate in it from all over the Kingdom so as to educate them and sow the habit of reading by offering them the best Arabic books to open the doors of culture and knowledge to them, and we hope that the Library’s books and others will be placed in the hands of every child in the Kingdom, thus publicising the slogan:
“A cultured child builds up a nation.”
The Children's Book Club is a club for young readers that provides the right book for each participating child, for a symbolic annual subscription fee of 460 riyals. The club sends out 24 books (12 storybooks and 12 non-storybooks) appropriate to the age of the participating child, so that the child reads two books each month for the duration of the subscription. The books are accompanied by children’s activity leaflets that involve mental, linguistic and recreational activities, as well as a brochure for parents dealing with educational issues.

Goals of the Children's Book Club:

1. To provide the right book for the child’s age.
2. To overcome family and other difficulties and obstacles that prevent books from reaching the child, such as the parents being too busy, the inability to choose the right book, or the distance of the home from bookshops.
3. To enhance the self-confidence of the child by enabling him to belong to his own club and have access to a subscription in his or her own name so that he feels important and independent.
4. To make the child feel his importance and place in society by establishing a club specially for him.

Advantages of the Children's Book Club

1. It can provide a good book for the child by making it possible for a book to be produced that is of high quality in terms of text, illustration, and printing.
2. It can choose books from a variety of new and distinguished publishers, and present them to the club members in a guide issued by the Children's Book Club.
3. It can divide books into age groups to facilitate parents' selection of the right book for their children.
4. The Children's Book Club can reach all children throughout the Kingdom.

Age groups:

Category I: From 2 to 5 years. (suitable for kindergarten stage).
Category II: From 6 to 8 years. (suitable for children in Years 1–3)
Category III: From 9 to 12 years. (suitable for children in Years 4–6.)
Category IV: From 13 to 15 years. (suitable for boys and girls in the middle and secondary levels).

Books for the Children's Book Club

The Children's Book Club has selected books from more than 80 distinguished Arab publishers. The books are presented in a club guide, including a picture of each book, a leaflet giving participants a brief summary of the content of the book and other information about it.
All books are divided by age group (2 to 15) years, so that parents can choose the right book for their child. As most books do not have the age marked on them, we help parents to give the right book to their child so that he obtains the intended benefit and enjoyment from reading the book. Free and Subsidised Subscriptions
The Library offers free and subsidised subscriptions to the club to some groups of the community (orphans, disabled persons, government schools in needy neighbourhoods).
The Library coordinates with The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, the Disabled Children’s Association, the Ministry of Education) to provide free and subsidised subscriptions to those who actually need them.
We provide annually 100 subscriptions to children with disabilities, and 100 subscriptions to orphans on behalf of the Children's Book Club as a contribution to the cultural development of society.
You can contribute to a free or subsidised subscription. In this way, you can open the door for a child to the pleasure of reading and you can help to provide nourishment for his spirit and mind.

How to subscribe to the Children's Book Club:

You can subscribe by:
• Coming to the Library
• Through the website

Why do I choose 40 books and I only receive 24?

We give parents the opportunity to choose as many books as possible and we select the best ones to make your child's library rich with a variety of books.

Do I need to register in the age group that suits my child?

The age group is chosen according to the child's level in school to ensure that your child receives books suitable for his level of study. If your child has poor reading skills, it is best to choose the younger age group.
The 13-15 age group is focused on the youth, with long photo-free stories that exceed 200 pages, so it is better to choose the 9-12 age group if your child does not read well.
• The subscription is sent in a box with the name of the child on it, containing 12 envelopes, and the child receives one envelope each month.
• The subscription reaches all parts of the Kingdom via local transport.
• Delivery is free.

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Postal Address: P.O. Box 6146 , Riyadh 11442

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