Policy on the Use of Open Data

Policy on the Use of Open Data

Policy on the Use of Open Data

Users of open data

The Library allows users of the Portal to access open data and gives them the right to use this data free of charge at their own risk. This right is guaranteed to all beneficiaries.

Responsibility of Data Users

The open data user is responsible for reusing the data in the Library's Portal, and reuse of this data must not result in any errors relating to the content, source, and date of the data.
The Library is happy to share the results of the studies with the Portal via the e-mail address info@kapl.org.sa to develop the Library.

Responsibility of the Library

The King Abdul-Aziz Public Library is not responsible for any harm or abuse bodies are exposed to due to the use of this data published on the Library's Portal.
The Library does not guarantee the continuous availability of this data or any part of it, and does not assume any liability to the users of this data for any damage or loss they may incur due to its reuse.

Terms of reuse

- The user must not falsify this data or its source.
- This data must not be used for political purposes, or to support unlawful or criminal activity, or to make racist, discriminatory or inflammatory remarks, or to exert a negative influence on culture, equality, or for incitement, or any irregular activity, or to conduct any activity that is irregular or contrary to the customs and traditions of the Kingdom.
- This data should not be used without reference to its source.
The source of the information used must be indicated by inserting the link to the Library Portal so as to preserve the intellectual property, credibility and accuracy of the data’s source.

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