The Library provides opportunities for volunteering in a diverse cultural environment, investing time and effort to give those interested an integrated in-library experience as well as offering many volunteer opportunities in diverse activities and seasonal events outside the Library.


1. To provide members of the community with the opportunity to volunteer in the area of library services and activities through awareness-raising, training and performance management.
2. To promote a culture of volunteerism, highlighting its role in the comprehensive development of society.
3. To highlight the human image of society and to develop a spirit of community and solidarity among its members.
4. To enable volunteers to help in the dissemination of a culture of reading through the activities of the Library.
5. To contribute to the elimination of unemployment and to encourage productive sectors.

The mechanism for joining volunteer opportunities

The Library presents all volunteer opportunities through its account on the voluntary work platform. You can join these volunteer opportunities by:
1. Registering on the Voluntary Work Platform.
2. Accessing the Voluntary Work Platform - Voluntary Opportunities - Library Account through the link: https://nvg.gov.sa/opportunities
3. Choosing from the voluntary opportunities available and completing the registration process.

Areas for Volunteering

The Library offers various volunteering opportunities both within and outside the Library.
Inside the Library:
- In the Library's branches, its management, its departments and its projects.
- In children's libraries.
Outside the Library:
- Miscellaneous activities.
- Seasonal Events.

Connect with us

Email Address: volunteer@kapl.org.sa
Mobile: 0536885008
Tel: 0114347888 Ext (7528) or (7529)

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